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16 Amazing Benefits of Juggling

Have you been planning to learn to juggle? If yes, then knowing its benefits will motivate you to start immediately! Because, knowing the ‘why’ behind something we are doing or plan to do helps tremendously. It helps us get a clearer picture, which acts as motivation, too. So, read on to know these 16 benefits why you should learn juggling balls in Australia and get the much-needed motivation to start.

  1. Learn to juggle to build self-confidence
    Self-confidence plays a vital role in our success. But self-confidence is not something everyone has. However, there can be many ways that help build the self-confidence of a person, and amongst them, being successful in attempts to learn something is one. When we are successful at learning something new, it automatically boots our confidence. Juggling does the same. When you learn to juggle, it is most likely that you would drop the props multiple times. But as soon as you make progress, it will start to make you aware of your capabilities, which will instill confidence in you.
  2. Learn to improve concentration
    Concentration is one of the ultimate requirements to be productive. When we are unable to focus, then we most likely take more than the required time to finish a task. And that results in time waste and unproductivity. So, if you struggle to concentrate, then this benefit of juggling will make you happy! One of the upsides of juggling is that it is considered to be helpful in improving concentration. Because, to juggle, you need to be focused. The moment you throw the props in the air, for example, the balls, you will have to concentrate solely on the balls to catch them, and again throw them maintaining the sync. Even if you struggle to concentrate, if you maintain consistency, then with time juggling will improve your concentration power.
  3. It teaches you patience
    Are you impatient? Worry not! You wouldn’t be impatient any longer once you start to learn to juggle. When you start to learn, you will have to be patient to make progress. For example, you start with learning to juggle three balls, and in the beginning, you will drop the balls probably a lot of times. But no matter how many times you drop the balls, you have to be patient and try again. And that’s how you will make progress — start to drop less and juggle more. But patience is not only required at the beginning stage. It is also required when you will raise your level, for example, when you try an advanced pattern of juggling. Because the more complex patterns you try, the more challenging it will get. But don’t worry, the process will teach you to be patient from day 1 itself and gradually increase your patience level.
  4. Makes you resilient
    Just like teaching you to be patient, time juggling makes you resilient, too. From the very beginning, it starts to build your resilience. Especially as you proceed towards learning more advanced patterns of juggling, you become more and more resilient. Because, when you start to learn the complex pattern of juggling, the journey will get challenging. But with every challenge you will overcome will contribute to building your resilience.
  5. Build hand-eye coordination
    One of the prominent benefits of learning to juggle and mastering it is that it builds hand-eye coordination. When you juggle, your eyes are always on the props. For example, you are juggling three balls, your eyes will be on the balls and your eyes will communicate with the hands to catch or hold. As you keep learning, your hand-eye coordination slowly starts to get better. The more you master your juggling skill, the more it masters your hand-eye coordination.
  6. Act as a stress reliever
    Juggling can also act as a stress buster, too. But how? Simple; juggling demands your complete attention. To be precise, it automatically gets your entire attention. Which is very obvious! For example, you decided to juggle three balls. Now, if you don’t pay attention to catch and throw with a rhythm, can you juggle? No, right? So, when you are stressed about something, it will take your mind off things that you are stressed about because your attention will be completely on juggling the balls.
  7. Strengthens the arms
    A workout plan should incorporate good upper body exercise. One of the many benefits of juggling is that it makes for a good arms strengthening exercise. Because juggling requires a lot of arm movements. Hence, consistently practicing juggling strengthens the arms, which also helps in strengthening the bones. So, juggle regularly and strengthen your arms!
  8. Burns calories
    One of the physical health benefits achieved by juggling is that it helps to burn calories. Juggling makes for one of the easiest and efficient ways of burning calories. It can burn 280 calories in a one-hour session. So, if you were looking for ways to burn calories, juggling can be a good addition in that regard. So, grab the juggling balls, rings, or clubs, practice with consistency and achieve your fitness goals!
  9. Beneficial for the mind
    Yes, you heard it right. Juggling can be beneficial for the mind. Juggling is not only a good physical exercise but also a good exercise for the brain. An Oxford University study suggests that learning to juggle increases the white matter in the brain.
  10. Juggling makes for an ideal pastime
    We all have one or the other pastime that we do to rejuvenate ourselves. And what can be better than having a pastime which is not only rejuvenating but also is highly beneficial for one’s health? With all its excellent benefits such as improving brain power, burning calories, juggling undoubtedly makes for an ideal pastime. So, learn to juggle and develop this super beneficial hobby.
  11. Be the limelight
    Juggling has been around for centuries, and it has been one of the prominent forms of entertainment. It has been performed at the circuses for decades to entertain the audience. From circuses, clubs, parties, it has been one of the most common forms of entertainment. So, when you learn to juggle, one of the perks you will enjoy is that you can easily be the limelight of the parties you will go to by showing your juggling skill and leave people mesmerized.
  12. Convenient to travel with
    The most important thing when we consider choosing the things to carry while traveling is to consider how convenient they are! In that regard, juggling props such as balls, rings, and clubs are a complete fit. One can travel anywhere in the world and conveniently carry them. You can enjoy your non-interrupted everyday juggling sessions, even while you’re traveling.
  13. Juggle anywhere & everywhere
    Apart from being highly convenient to travel with, it is also highly convenient to juggle anywhere you wish to. There are not any specific requirements when it comes to where you can juggle? You can juggle possibly anywhere and everywhere. Just grab the props you prefer, whether juggling balls, rings, or clubs and enjoy juggling anywhere you wish to.
  14. Requires minimum investment
    One of the many perks of juggling is that it doesn’t require a lot of investment. But with minimum investment, the return it gives is massive! Isn’t that amazing? You just have to spend the minimum amount of money and enjoy maximum benefits!
  15. Help you stay motivated
    Juggling can help you stay motivated even while going through tough times. With every try, with every bit of progress the motivation will increase. The motivation will drive you out of your bed, it will act as an encouragement. Taylor Glenn, one of the famous female jugglers, has shared on one of her YouTube videos about how juggling keeps her going even on days that seem like impossible to get out of bed: “No matter how much I felt like a complete loser. No matter how much I felt like I couldn’t figure out my career or my relationships or whatever! At the end of the day, I can say I did this one thing — I juggled today, I made progress on this trick today.”
  16. Juggling is exciting!
    Above all — juggling is exciting. In the beginning, you may find the whole process of juggling a little less enjoyable. Because when you start to learn to juggle, you will drop the props multiple times. But with time, as you get better, your interest will increase too. With the increase in your interest, it will get more and more exciting for you. Also, with the progression in juggling, you will be more eager and curious to try new patterns and be thrilled when you will be successful in learning.

Now you know 16 solid reasons why you should learn to juggle. So, what are you waiting for? Start your learning journey to become a juggler and enjoy all these amazing benefits. Read our article 3 popular three ball juggling tricks for beginners to get you started.

Are you excited to learn to juggle?

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