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How to Juggle with 3 Balls: Beginner Instructions

You’ve been to the circus with your children and now you want to learn how to juggle together? No problem: with the right instructions, everyone can throw 3 balls evenly into the air – and catch them! With the help of this article it is only a matter of days until you are comfortable with the 3 ball cascade.

Juggling Balls: Preparation

Although the professionals juggle all kinds of objects – clubs, bottles, scarves, torches or rings – if you want to learn to juggle, you should make it as easy as possible and start with 3 balls. Ideally, these should be soft, hand-sized and of equal weight.

Whether you want to learn juggling or a language, the most important learning tips are always the same: Be patient with yourself, don’t learn under pressure and always keep calm.

First step: Juggling with 1 ball

It is best to stand a little distance away from a wall – this way you avoid the typical beginner’s mistake of throwing the balls forward instead of straight up. Keep your hands at the level of your belly button, your arms close to your body, your forearms horizontal and look straight ahead. This forces you to throw and catch the balls without looking. If you want to learn to juggle, always start with one ball. In the first exercise, throw the ball in a high arc from the right hand to the left hand and vice versa. You will probably notice that it is easier to toss and catch with your dominant hand.

Second step: throw in the second ball

As soon as this works well and evenly, you can add the 2nd ball. Take a ball in each hand and exchange them by throwing them diagonally. The 2nd ball should always leave your hand when the 1st ball has reached the highest point above your forehead.

Third step: Juggling with 3 balls

In the next exercise, you juggle with 3 balls. You proceed according to the same principle as before: You throw the 1st ball with your right hand. As soon as it is at the highest point, the second ball leaves the left hand. When it is at the highest point, the 3rd ball can be thrown from the right hand. So it goes right, left, right. Then catch all 3 balls and start again, this time left, right, left.

Learning to juggle: Tips for practicing

Gradually, you can try to stop catching the balls and keep juggling. Learn to throw the balls as evenly and rhythmically as possible. It helps if you count: “1 and 2 and 3 and 1 and 2 and 3 …”. Catch the balls deliberately at the level of your belly button, not above it. The lower the height of the throw, the faster you have to juggle, the higher, the more accurate you have to throw. Unlike many other fun sports such as slacklining or longboarding, juggling is also suitable for indoor activities. We will be adding a video to this post soon. What will be your next trick?