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7 Exciting Options to Learn How to Juggle in Australia

If you’ve recently decided to start juggling, you might be wondering exactly how to learn this fun skill. The good news is – there are many different ways to learn how to juggle in Australia. While each person’s learning style and pace might differ, it’s still possible for anyone to pick up on this entertaining activity.

A few criteria to consider when choosing the best method of how to learn to juggle include:

  • How much time you have
  • The budget you want to allocate to it
  • Quality of the instructions
  • Your personal motivation styles
  • Individuality of the training received

With this in mind, we’ve put together 7 fun and interactive options that you can try individually or in combination. By selecting the option best for you, you’ll be juggling like a pro in no time!

1. In-Person Juggling Classes (Price: On average AU$25 – AU$40 per lesson)

An in-person juggling class involves you going to a class with other students, while an expert juggler teaches you everything from basic to expert juggling methods. Since many people learn better in a classroom environment, having a skilled instructor teaching you is one of the more effective ways of learning the juggling skill.


  • Group training environment: If you don’t feel comfortable learning on your own, a group environment will be greatly beneficial. Group training holds you accountable for your performance, so you’re more likely to put all your effort into it.
  • Skilled & experienced trainers: Learning from a skilled trainer allows you to see firsthand what you need to do. You’re also free to ask for additional guidance or easy tips to rectify mistakes.
  • Direct feedback and tips: Being in a class makes you available for feedback from your teacher and fellow students. You’ll also be able to pick up tips and tricks to make it easier. In turn, you might be able to offer other members some tips you’ve learned.
  • Maintains motivation: It’s easier to remain motivated if you’re in a class with an expert teacher. For some people, learning by themselves can make them want to give up if it appears harder than anticipated.

Classes in Major Cities

A few of the top classes listed in Australia’s three major cities are:


  • Classbento – Juggling classes based in Sydney
  • Kenny Cheung – Sydney-based world-class juggler
  • Zanyyare – Circus based in Western Sydney, providing classes for children and adults


  • The Circus Crew – providing classes in Melbourne (provide classes for corporate, adults and kids)
  • Concrete playground – Classes are seasonal – be sure to check availability


  • Juggle-o-Rama – City council class, check for available dates, minimal fee applies

2. In-Person Juggling Tutors (Price: From AU$32 per lesson to AU$315 for full term)

If you prefer the 1-on-1 approach then an in-person juggling tutor is the better option for you. Essentially, using a private tutor allows you the freedom to suit a time best suited to you. It’s the fastest way to perfect your technique without the distraction of other students.


  • 1-on-1 training: This form of training is great for people who learn better with the 1-on-1 approach. All the focus is on you and your skill. It’s often easier to ask questions and pick up new tips and tricks. This approach is great for fast learners who don’t want to be slowed down by students who learn at a different pace.
  • Most time-efficient way to learn: Having a tutor is the quickest way to learn without distractions from other students. It’s great for people who have limited time to practice.
  • Motivation through personal connection: Using a personal tutor lets you build a connection with the trainer. It’s also easier to ask questions without feeling embarrassed if you struggle in the early stages.

Where Can You Find a Juggling Tutor Near You?

The Superprof website features an average of 31 juggling tutors in various areas. Tutors in major cities around Australia include the following:




3. In-Person Juggling Clubs / Meetups (Free)

Essentially, a group of juggling enthusiasts in your community get together at a predetermined venue and share tips, tricks and lessons for free. If you’re on a tight budget or not certain if your potential skills match the initial cost of a personal trainer, a juggling club is worth considering. Most clubs and meetups are free, so, it’s excellent for beginners to get started.


  • Be part of a community: Clubs in your area make it easier for you to find people that share your passion without having to travel.
  • Generally free/low cost: A big advantage of joining a club is that it provides access to potentially skilled jugglers without the expense of classes or tutors.
  • Scheduled meetups support creating & maintaining a routine: It’s easier to stick to something if it becomes part of your daily/weekly/monthly routine. Once it has a space in your busy lifestyle, it’s more likely to stay. A local club or meetup makes this process so much easier since there’s no need to travel far or set special time aside for it.

Where Can You Find Juggling Meetups Near You?

You can find meetups in most major Australian cities.




It appears that there are no listings for Brisbane since 2020

4. Online Juggling Workshops / Courses (Price: From AU$480.00 per workshop)

Also referred to as “virtual juggling workshops”, this is a wonderful way to get tutoring if you’re unable to join a class or there isn’t a club in your immediate area. Sessions are an hour long and done by live-streaming via zoom, where members will be taught the basic skills.


  • Learn at your own pace: Whether you’re a fast or slow learner, an online course allows you to learn at your own pace. There isn’t the rush of pre-designed class lessons bound by a timetable.
  • Can learn from any location: With online lessons, you don’t have to travel to a club or meetup. It’s a terrific option for people who have unusual work schedules and are unable to find time during normal hours.
  • Doesn’t require a fixed schedule: Depending on your timetable, a fixed schedule might not always be easy. With an online course, you aren’t bound by a specific day or time.

Where Can You Find Good Online Juggling Workshops or Courses?

You can do just about everything online these days, and that includes perfecting your juggling skill.

5. In-Person Circus Schools & Classes (Price: Varies – starting from AU$5 for individual lessons to AU$315 for term fees)

On average, circus schools present weekly classes for all age groups, with package deals and group bookings on offer. Students are taught juggling basics, tips and tricks by experienced circus performers.


  • Learn skills from performing experts: Opting for a circus class is possibly the most fun way to learn juggling as you’ll be learning from a circus performer!
  • Meet new people: It’s a great way to meet new people, both in the circus industry and among fellow students.
  • Great way to practice group skills: This option is great for families, friends and even team-building activities.

What Are The Options in Australia When it Comes to Circus Schools & Classes?

Some of the popular circus school options include:

6. Juggling Books (Price: Varies From AU$3.99 on Kindle to AU$36.30 For Paperbacks)

Juggling books are great for people who learn easily from diagrams and listed instructions. Most juggling books feature illustrated instructions in a simple step-by-step guide which you can refer back to. Juggling books are ideal for learners of all ages and skill levels.


  • Learn at your own time: When you learn from books, you can learn at your own pace. There’s no need to stick to a pre-determined schedule and how fast you master the skill is entirely up to you.
  • No need to travel: Using books eliminates the added cost of travel to your nearest meetup.
  • Great for people who learn easily from books: Some people don’t require the hands-on approach of a tutor and can easily master a skill by studying instructions and guides in a book.

Popular Juggling Books

It’s not difficult to find a book or two on the art of juggling. You can choose from conventional paper books or even their E-book counterparts, which can easily be downloaded to your smart device. Some top options are:

7. Juggling Videos (Free)

Juggling videos are internet-based videos that can easily be downloaded or logged into to view at any time. This type of learning option is ideal for people who don’t want to attend a class. Experienced jugglers show tricks in varying skill sets for you to practice.


  • Can access the video at any time: With a video, you don’t have limited time with a tutor. You can watch the tutorial as many times as it takes!
  • No specified location: You can access the video anywhere, anytime.
  • Free: There are no joining fees or class costs.

Popular Channels and Videos to Learn Your First Juggling Trick

Courtesy of the internet, there’s no shortage of online videos, clips and tutorials of experienced jugglers teaching you tricks ranging from easy to complex.

Final Thought

With our informative guide, it’s easy to see that there’s a learning option to suit everyone. If you’re a student on a limited budget, you could easily benefit from the video tutorials on offer. However, if you have a little more time and money on your hands, then the best option might be a private tutor. No matter what your individual situation, there’s a juggle-learning option for you!